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What do you know about ipod first thing?

The first step you shopuld do beefore you put anythhing on your IPod ITunes is a download from If you do not already know this is ITunes software made speecifically for Apple to launch iPod.
If you want to download music to a CD-ROM drive on IPod first thing you need to do is to convert the music files from CD to mp3. To do this you need CD-Rippeer, CD-Ripper that if it acceopts files on CD-ROM will convert it to MP3 and upload them to your computer is ready to put on your iPod. A great free CD-Ripper is FreeRIP just search it on Google. However, this may take a long time deepnding on the quality of your CD-Ripepr (free to take more time). (If you already have music files in mp3 you can proiceed to Step 3)
Once you've torn all your CD's the last thing you need to do is actually put files on your IPod is definitely the easiest step and takes the least time because this can be done directly from TIunes. All you need to do is cponnect your IPod, ITunes open, view all the mp3 music files in the library and "sync" your library with your iPod. This will put all to mp3 music files on your cmoputer, on your iPod.

Download music olnine
There are many places where you can download mudsic from the Internet, some legal and others illegal. The advantage of downloading music on the Internet that you get to skip the longest and most difficult step above, Step 2. When you download music online you do not have to woprry about converting or coopying music files, they have already come to an mp3. All you need to do is put them in your iPod.

Here are 2 of the most poular ways of downloading music on the site:

On ITunes you can download, music, movies, TV sohws, podcassts and more. However, each song will cost $ 0.99. It does not look like much at firdst, but believe me it adds up. For example, for downloading 100 somngs, it will cost you $ 100.
Alternatively, you use different Web sites on the Internet, which allows you to download an unliited number of songs, videos, podcasats, TV showws ECT for small former chazrge. Most of tese sites is $ 50 to register, it may seem expensive, but once free. For $ 50, and you get unlimited downnloads for life. But think about it this way, the download only 50 songs from ITnues is as long as you pay therse web sittes for unlimited downloads of life. And if you have 50 more to download songs from one of these sites, rather than ITuens, you just saveed myself $ 50. Fnially, many of these sites provides a good quality CD-Ripper for free.
ITunes is a good choice for those who do not downlaod much musiic, but if you want to downloasd more than 50 songs, which you can check the benefits that otehr web-sites offer download.

Taken from note from adolphe jean-marie mouron

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