Just IPA 2

Dear Readers!
In this Page I want to show you my classmate at SMA N 5 Denpasar,XI IPA 2 class.
Enjoyed it!

This is Danthyswari gel-gel,Vanesa Martida,and I.A Amrita Widaswari in their pose:)

                           Arya budi setyawan Our Master Engineer computer,i learn a lot from arya

Ary Dyatmawan,He's One extrakurikuler with me in Soccer(:

When no class's lessons,We take Our Face with Mobile's camera,Is that Interesting? 

This Is Citra! My Best Partner in the class,She always Tell me if there are Homework(hehehe...)

She's Yuana Arya Putri,
The girl who loves to help us in the classroom.
Go Yuana! Go!

And this is Agoes Adi Ariestyawan Noegraha, 
 He loves Balinese Cultural Very much!!

 Maruli Manurung,He's javanese people
 and ussually Give us cheat at the Exam
 (oh My God!)


Iqbal is the only Arabic in This class..

                                                                Hey,Bayu Aryawan!!!!
                                                                   Let's Kill Him!!

Enika Lestari dewi in Canteen...
and She's coquettis Girl in Smanela

This Class Situation After We are pray at the temple at school in Purnama Day(Full Moon)

And Here there are!
Me with Enika Lestari Dewi
This Photo is taken when we are in Grade X in SMA 5

                                           "AgasBrama Hartawan :The clown in Our Class"
                                                                 Is He So Funny?

                                               Ok,That's All About us,See you in next Chance!
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